Every now and then when trawling through the papers and online news feeds, for news hacking ideas and stories, I see something that really appeals to my own personal interests and strikes the 'that's cool' chord in my brain. This is one of those stories. 

University of Chicago Student, Sasha Trubetskoy, has created this awesome London Underground style map to portray the Ancient Roman Roads of the UK. It's amazing! It combines several things I love Ancient History and high design underpinned by a brilliant idea. The London Tube Map has been reinterpreted many times before, most famously in Simon Patterson's 1992 The Great Bear Painting, which replaced the London Underground stations with famous and historical figures. 

What is brilliant, in my opinion, about Sasha's image is that as well as it being aesthetically so appealing it is also factually very informative. It made me think just how powerful a well crafted, well thought out infographic can be. Clients frequently ask for infographics but don't always know what information they want to tell or how they want it to look. Everybody could learn from Sasha's image which sticks to clear principles for creating a good infographic:

  1. Choose something interesting
  2. Find your target audience
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Keep it focused
  5. Use quality design
  6. Don't be afraid of white space

I am inspired to go make my own now. Good work Sasha!