I mean I Iike Elon Musk and I like Mark Zuckerberg, but which one's better. There's only one way to find out. FIIIIIIIGHT!

So, this week Zuckerberg and Musk (which sounds a lot like a German Pharmacy and sweet shop) have clashed on AI. I say clashed there was no physical altercation between them. Instead, as one would expect from two 21st Century Tech Giants they used social media to criticise each other's views on AI.

In summary Musk is more Terminator and Zuckerberg more Wall E in their views of what AI could be like in the future.

Musk said Zuckerberg's understanding of the subject was limited - Burn! And Zuckerberg accused Musk of being a doomsayer on the subject. Whatever your view the rise of AI in some form is inevitable. Academic institutes, private bodies and tech companies across the globe are already researching the subject, with billions already being spent. 

I, for one, haven't yet made my mind up. Based on the fact Arnie (or a similar model) hasn't come back from the future to kill either Elon or Mark we can assume neither of them have created robots, which destroy humanity. However, similarly the idea of Whole Brain Emulation (WBE) terrifies me a little. The thought of anyone being able to upload their brains on to a computer and 'live on' forever in the electronics of a machine is somewhat disturbing especially as it would probably only be a service available to the ultra rich rather than say the ultra intelligent or ultra useful to society. Imagine a world of Trumps ruling from your mobile phone and a horrific scenario easily becomes possible. 

Whatever the future of AI we have to remember the traits that actually make us human and ensure that these are at the fore front of any future technology decisions that are made, whether artificial decisions or not.