I am a planner. My girlfriend is a planner. We like making plans. Integral to any good plan is a list. Often multiple lists are required. 

Several apps now exist list-lovers like us  to create and share lists. I personally use Google Keep so that it links up to all my Google accounts. Currently, I have several lists on the go at the moment: Things I need to buy for the new house, things to do in the new house, etc.

I was, therefore, delighted to read that sharing lists with my girlfriend, as we do, is good for our relationship. But, I think we already knew that, from the pure delight we take in ticking boxes on the app. Some days its simply what we need to buy for dinner that night but others it might be things we need to discuss or plan when we see each other. Yes, we create lists for lists. But not lists for lists sake. Never.

One particular part of life where the list is all powerful is for your next holiday. Multiple lists are needed in a staged fashion from the research of where to go to the final list of what we need to pack. 

Planning a holiday together with a partner or friend is fun (and satisfying) which is why our client Holiday Extras has created the app HeHa to do exactly that. It's a fantastic platform which allows people to plan and research a holiday together saving things and chatting about the holiday all in one space. I am already using it to plan our next holiday and I suggest if, like me, you like a list then it's worth downloading.