You heard it here first (maybe), but for all you carb-a-holics out there, a treat is coming to a town near you. 

All hail the Bagel Doughnut. It's the latest invention currently going down a storm in the US, and is strangely a combination of a Bagel and er, a doughnut.

Personally I am a bit disappointed by the lack of imagination in the naming department. At least Dominique Ansel bothered to brainstorm and the Cronut was born - a combination of the Croissant Doughnut. 

Did the Pin and Brian (creators of this new bagel/doughnut phenomenon) not consider the possibilities? How delicious does the Doughnegal sound, or perhaps the Bagnut, or my personal favourite, the Doughbag?

Hmm. On second thoughts, perhaps let's go with the 'It does what it says on the tin' approach. Bring on the 'Bagel Doughnut'.