This week Google added the International Space Station to its map. Let's be honest that is pretty cool. I doubt that NASA use a Sat Nav or Google Maps to get to the Space Station. But it's a funny thought that astronauts strap themselves in to the shuttle, then fiddle around trying to get their Sat Nav to stick to the screen. Mine falls off regular on journeys so good look getting one to stay up under 3g of gravitational force. 

Obviously, the addition of the Space Station to Google Maps is not to help astronauts find their way home, as cute as that image is. Rather to help us earthlings find out about the space station and to be inspired at the work they do. I certainly am. 

Recently, we have seen several clients asking for 'interactive maps' as a part of their communications work. More and more frequently we are seeing clients want to offer their customers visuals that provide both location and factual information in one place. We can't replicate the complex and at times brilliant Google Maps but we are constantly looking at new ways to tell our clients stories and maps are brilliant way to do that.