Like millions I was so excited about the first episode of season seven of Game of Thrones. Like millions I am an avid fan of both books and the TV show, and the fantastical world that Mr Martin has created. But nowhere in the books do I remember a scene where vanilla pop star Ed Sheeran features. I am not going to get on the 'Be Mean to Ed' Bus. I have been driving the 'I just don't get him' bus for years. But call me old fashioned but I want my rock stars to look like rock stars and not a Tesco Cashier. He doesn't offend me, I just simply wouldn't listen to his music if I had the choice, however, seen as he has taken over the world that is nigh on impossible. The one place, however, I genuinely thought I could escape the world of Ed was Westeros.  Last night, for me, a little bit of the show's soul was lost.

I understand he is fan. And I know other singers and musicians have appeared in the show, Coldplay, Sigur Ros and Snow Patrol members have all featured but far more subtly in roles that were far more fitting, like a band at the red wedding for example. But Ed Sheeran as a soldier in the Lannister army is just laughable. It's the very fact that Ed Sheeran is so forgettable that I felt his appearance had to be rammed down our throats. Not every fan can use their privilege of who they are to blag a role in the show, so why should Ed? He clearly can't act. It was unfortunate his scene was in a forest as for a few moments I totally lost him behind the wood.

I sound bitter, I know, but for me the show sold out and it annoyed me (and thousands of others) immensely and you can probably tell.

Last week Ed Sheeran was voted the best current songwriter in a survey for BIC's 4C Write and Shine competition - I get that. I understand why young people would think that. But Ed Sheeran appearing in Westeros! I will never understand. Winter is coming for you Ed!