Mums are such a hot topic in the media. A quick scan of the web sees articles asking whether Mums share too much on social media and yesterday Karren Bradey berated mums for giving too much praise where none is due. 

This comes as we are launching our latest BIC campaign which offers proud mums, the chance to have their child's drawing published on billboards around the UK. Nice eh? So far Mumsnetters are uploading entries at a pace and there's plenty of engagement and so there should be. 

Yes mums post LOTS of photos of their offspring, but if you don't like it, stop following them. Surely we are all guilty of posting lots of pictures about whatever matters to us most - a passionate foodie will post incessantly about the dishes they enjoy; an intrepid traveller will have us green with envy, as we view yet another breath-taking sunset. 

So I'm delighted that we're working on this lovely campaign, which I really hope provides a bit of fun for super proud mums and their kids. Naturally we have the Q&As ready for any negative nellies....