Southern Rail has had a hard time in the press recently. Infamously known as one of Britain's worst rail operators (you only need to go on your Facebook to see your Surrey based friends once again stranded, unable to get to work...), they've been battling complaints across the board for a while now.

However, this morning saw light relief from none other than their work experience student, Eddie - a 15 year old who was given free rein of their Twitter account. The results were astonishing! Not only were they funny, light-hearted and sometimes very helpful (ever wanted to know how much pasta is too much pasta? Just ask Eddie..) but the #AskEddie was soon trending with everyone praising the train brand for the teen's take on their social feeds. 

Just shows you that taking that risk on social does sometimes pay off! Who'd have thought a 15 year old would be the one responsible for some positive news for Southern Rail?