I think I was personally responsible for a large percentage of the views on YouTube for Gangnam Style. Way back in 2012, like most of the world, I became obsessed with it. I watched it almost daily. I just love that little jiggy dance he did. But today comes the remarkable news that it is no longer the most watched video on YouTube. More interestingly though it hasn't lost its mantle to a cat video, but rather a far more sad and poignant song 'See You Again'. What does it mean? 

Sadly, I actually think this might rather reflect the times we live in and the fact, dare I say it, that the global public conscious is, perhaps, just a little sadder. Instead of seeking out the frivolity of a Korean rap star dancing, we are instead finding solace in an overtly sentimental song. Have we all lost something since 2012? Do we all just want a cry? 

2016 has officially gone on record as one of the seemingly most depressing years of all time. And 2017 has already had its fair share of global events that do little for the public psyche of hope.  But back in 2012 the world did seem a little happier. The UK, in particular, was revelling in the success of the Olympics and the nation really had a buzz. Five years on and the post-Brexit, post-Trump world does seem a little less happy - a little less friendly. Have we all lost a little bit of our inner Gangnam. 

I am, therefore, going to go online tonight and watch Psy do his dance in an attempt to personally return him to his rightful position as number one. Perhaps, we all need to remind ourselves of how fun life can be and once again dance like no-one is watching.