I had an enlightening experience last week at the Allergy and Free From Show in Olympia. I was expecting open-toed sandals and hessian garments galore, but I was sorely disappointed. Not a socked & sandaled foot in sight.

Instead, I felt more like a kid in a sweetie shop with a myriad to brands working hard to pull Vegan and Free-From fayre into this century. Rather than perfunctory packaging, it was clear that brand design agencies had done their bit. Fabulous looking products adorned shelves and tastings were on offer at every turn.

What was really encouraging, was talking to some of the brand owners. The Vegan and Free-From categories are doing well - really well in fact. One Vegan cheese producer I spoke with, has seen growth of 100% in the UK for the past two years and supermarkets are supporting the growth of 'Free-From' wholeheartedly. Great news for anyone wanting to reduce diary and gluten (amongst other things) from their diet and the best news of all, is that the more demand there is, the lower the prices will be. 

This is about to be the age of the Flexitarian (sandles optional).