We have all done it. We've all got the uncontrollable giggles when we shouldn't have. I remember at school in assemblies it been a frequent occurrence, usually because of someone else's flatulent faux pas. Funerals, weddings, and work meetings are all occasions when getting the uncontrollable giggles are not good. So, spare a thought for the future King and Queen (?) of England who got them bad on a recent royal visit to Canada. 

Needless to say it's split the public with many seeing the funny side. Few things are as funny as watching someone else lose it uncontrollably. But at the same time many are saying it's disrespectful and that as the future monarchy they need to learn a little decorum. 

But the Truth is that sometimes the cultural differences we sometimes see abroad do raise a smile when they shouldn't. I lost it for days when I found that the Danish have a chocolate bar called 'Plopp'. And I would genuinely hope that any foreign traveller who stumbled upon Morris Dancers in the UK would laugh heartily at grown portly middle aged men dancing with bells and sticks. 

Sometimes when the giggles come you have to ride them out and just hope the eyes of the world's media aren't on you.