This weekend has seen Annie Lennox turning an amusing experience into a platform to highlight an issue that affects those trying to break into the music industry.  Namely that there are lots of scams just waiting to make a quick buck out of the uninitiated, desperately hoping to be spotted. 

This caught my attention, as we have just launched an incredible songwriting competition for our client BIC, that provides the opportunity for the winner's song to be performed on the main stage at the Big Feastival this summer, and work alongside successful YouTuber, Bethan Leadley. 

This too, might seem to be too good to be true, but it is a genuine and wonderful opportunity for a young teen to gain exposure and insight into the music business. 

Tomorrow will see the BIC team huddled in a planning meeting to work out how we can capitalise on the media's sudden interest in the music industry's issues, but equally how to ensure that our #Writeandshine competition comes across as the real deal.  

Watch this space...