I'm definitely guilty. Not quite as guilty as some others in my feed, but I do take part and more often than not they are the posts which receive the most engagement. So people must LOVE them, right?

The discussion around posting pictures of your children on your social media account can become quite heated. I have friends who refuse to do it and others who document every smile, giggle and waddle. But nearly 1,500 pictures before they are five years old? This figure really shocked me. 

Whilst it is a PR survey from Nominet, so I suspect there could be some rounding up of figures, I bet it's not far from the truth and made me stop and think about what it is I'm actually doing, every time I post a 'cute' pic of my daughter in my feed.

Will she resent me when I'm older? Will it cause a law suit? Maybe not, but as her mother, I am responsible for protecting her in every way possible and this activity compromises that safety.

So next time I have an urge to 'update status' I will consider if it's really necessary to 'share' this moment with the world, or whether I just enjoy it for myself.