I have a confession.... I'm missing the Olympics already.  I'm missing the the BBC's less than stellar wall to wall coverage, I'm missing my old pals, Gabby Logan, Michael Johnston, Claire Balding and Colin Jackson blinding me with race 'fastest loser' stats and science. (Well, they feel like old pals as they've been in my living room every night...) All jokes aside, I am sparing a thought for Rio de Janeirians - most of whom will not miss the gargantuan Olympic interruption to their lives.  They are starting to count the cost of hosting the greatest sporting competitive show on earth. Just as London is still grappling with the legacy that has been left by 2012, Brazil will now start its soul searching and navel gazing.  At a recent pre-Olympics round table hosted by Lucre, one of the many questions that the panel probed was the Olympic legacy on Rio and Brazil. The article in the Guardian makes it clear - legacy is a major factor in whether the reputation of the Olympics remains buoyant or suffers. So, let's hope that Brazil finds its way to create a meaningful legacy for its national citizens including those in Rio.