If you've attended Gay Pride in recent years, or even just caught the highlights on TV, you may have noticed that more and more brands are waving the rainbow flag in support of the LGBTI community. 

Whether it's done with the best of intentions, or as a calculated marketing tactic, we're all in agreement that it's great to see the brands we know and love supporting equality, whatever the motive. 

The latest of these brands to 'come out' is Smirnoff, collaborating with Dawn O'Porter's fashion brand BOB. To celebrate this year's London Pride, they've created a limited edition collection of 'Love Wins' bottles, with a donation for every bottle sold making its way to an LGBTI charity. 

With a series of stunning designs and with each bottle containing one of our favourite all-weather spirits, we'll no doubt be stocking the Lucre bar with several of these, to last us over the pride season.