A week after hearing of the resurrection of orange wine, a company has announced it'll be launching blue wine to the market. 

Now we don't mean Blue Nun, thank you 80s dinner party staple, or a nasty accident with a WKD and a glass of house white. This is almost neon in shade and most purposefully so - cue muffled declarations of blasphemy from the wine buffs among you. 

While orange wine is steeped in history; blue wine, in all its hi-vis glory, is a new concoction created by designers, programmers, artists and musicians. 

Gik's unusual blue offering, produced from a blend of red and white Spanish grapes, will be priced at under a tenner a bottle and promises to break the usual conventions of what a wine should be. 

We're quite adventurous here, so no doubt we'll give it a go. However, we'll be forgoing a recommendation from one of our trendier colleagues to serve it in an empty windowlene bottles, for added 'shock' factor.