A business which has banned internal email? What a clever idea. And productivity has 'boomed'? Even cleverer!

This was a great piece on Radio 4 and what I found really interesting is the comment from interviewee Lee saying that email just wasn't a normal way for the millennials to communicate...that makes me feel old! There are people in our office (who are not using walking sticks just yet) who remember working in PR when press releases used to be posted out. Email has come in and (apparently) is going in a very short space of time.

As a comms agency, is this something we should embrace? The idea of actually walking over to someone 10 yards away from you to (heaven forbid) talk to them seems a sensible (and more friendly) way of working, as does stopping the deflection of responsibility..."but I emailed you...?!". Plus, the idea of having a chat channel to share WFH updates, would definitely help reduce my inbox size, which can only be a good thing for productivity and sanity.

Definitely something to consider. Will pop over and have a chat with HR.