To binge is generally seen as a pejorative verb.  But Netflix, and to a lesser extent, BBCiplayer, the ITVhub and 4OD have changed the way we consume our television viewing.

It used to be that viewing figures, and thus the success of a particular programme or series, were predicated on how many people gathered round the TV set at a particular time on a particular day.  No more.  People can watch on catch-up. Can buy DVD box sets. Can, in other words, watch when they want, how they want.

Brands need to get wise to this and stop worrying so much about a press release being issued to the media on a certain day at a certain time. Now, there are multiple platforms on which a story may play out.  Audiences build.  Engagement levels are measurement in a myriad ways. 

Stop fretting about media relations so much and embrace the new world of new media.