Social media has claimed another 'victim', accused of mis-steps in the glaring public view of global Twitterati... This time, Tween Vine star, Jacob Sartorius, followed by a not insignificant 878,000+ Vine users is in trouble for being not only 'bratty' but allegedly inappropriate to a female fan.

With similarities drawn between Sartorius and Justin Beiber, growing up in the global glare of social media and making mis-steps is one of the vagaries of today's obsession with living real life in social media. No doubt, aged only 13 years old, Sartorius has not yet figured out how to balance what he puts out in the public domain with how he is perceived in the offline world and privately. He (and his PR's) soon will. While Twitter is going in on him, let's not be quick to condemn. As a tween - and adult - influencer, Sartorius is growing up in front of his followers' eyes and he clearly has a lot of insights and contributions that enable him to be recognised as one of the most influential global social media stars of his generation.