Who'd have thought it? Coca-Cola, a mainstay of the global top 10 by brand value has fallen from grace.

Much of the blame for this must lie with the rise in awareness of the risks to health from sugar-laden soft drinks. 

How might a brand counteract such a decline? (And despite respectable growth in the Coca-Cola Company's share price.)

A brand which has climbed above it in the past year include McDonald's, a brand from which Coke might take some comfort, as its own complete change of strategy has paid huge dividends.   Instead of trying to pretend it is something that it is not - healthy - it has sought to continue to what it already does, but better.  

Re-vamping the quarter pounder, serving all day breakfasts, a customizable-burger menu called "Create Your Taste" and substituting butter for margarine has paid off.