A new campaign from ice cream brand Cornetto has really made me smile and not just because it's a smart idea, slickly executed. It's a real turnaround for a brand which has seen better days.

Cornetto has taken that PR favourite, research and with a bit of smart thinking, made it much more interesting. Its #seriescommitment campaign is funny, relevant and it takes the old fashioned brand to a whole new level. 

Most of us will remember the old TV adverts, the Italian opera singer with his own version of O Sole Mio. Although something so memorable is advertising gold, with the subsequent launch of the 'luxury' Magnum brand, Cornettos were seen as a bit naff, something your mum and dad might get.

This campaign strikes a chord with all twenty-somethings (and beyond) and although tongue in cheek, it's definitely getting the lifestyle media talking. It will be interesting to see if sales follow.

A simple idea, nicely done. And I speak as one of the 12% of people who has 'faked it' (the finale of Breaking Bad...I had to, what would I have done in the office the next day otherwise?!).