How many times has a client said they want to make a video which will "go viral"? And how many times have we collectively sighed, knowing that if we knew confidently how to do that, we would probably be millionaires.

Candace Payne has struck gold. Since her infectious post went live last week, she's been catapulted into the media spotlight, visiting Facebook HQ, appearing on Good Morning America and sharing a car with James Corden and J.J Abrahams. She's brilliant, she's genuine and she's had a huge impact on struggling US retailer Kohl's where she purchased the mask.

The internet constantly reminds us it's an uncontrollable force. Who would have thought THIS video would get THAT reaction. Despite so many analysts trying to capture that secret formula for success, sometimes it's just a mum in a mask with a great laugh which, for a few minutes, makes the world a happier place.