Either the BBC communications' team got their wires crossed or there has been a wonderful coup for the company  this week. 

Apparently desperation set in after the BBC announced last week that it was to close down its recipe site. Cue a petition, which, as I write, has amassed support from more than 100,000 people, all desperate for the website not to close. 

In a 'Wispa-like-way', apparently the BBC has now said it won't be closing the site. Well, thank heavens for that. We'll all be able to cook again.  

It's difficult to know how strongly Jo Public really feels about the potential closure; it's easy to hit a 'like' button. There are nice recipes on the site, but don't people have books anymore? Equally there are lots of exciting recipes on blogs and other websites - we would have survived. No really, we would.

It's good to know that the threat of banning something, still creates a stir. I love a bit of reverse psychology.