As the mother of a baby girl, I'm used to a lot of pink. I find myself constantly defending her clothes, accessories and toys, being quick to point out that I didn't choose said pink item, but it was given as a present. In truth, it's hard NOT to buy pink things for girls. When shopping for new shoes for my daughter the only two pairs in the right size were pink. No other choice. 

So, pink tech? My immediate reaction is negative and I personally would never choose a pink phone, but this Mashable report interestingly never mentions the female - pink connection, as I'm sure, most of the manufacturers won't publicly say it's aimed at a female market. But does using names like 'Rose Gold' and 'Coral' make us more accepting? Is it just, as the report suggests, "another way for consumers to express themselves"? 

In truth, as long as there are a range of colour options, then it's absolutely about choosing a product which you want to be seen holding and using.

And if that happens to be salmon/strawberry/peach red, so be it.