Now the sun has finally decided to shine on London, the Lucre team is keen to venture forth and sip a cocktail or two in the evenings. But the challenge we're finding is that it's nigh on impossible to book a table - even using the wondering BarChick's concierge service. 

Apparently they can happily book us tables inside but it seems the fashion is to 'just turn up' if you want to actually bask in the sunshine. This leads to a battle of intense proportions to find a bit of wall to rest a drink on, which rather takes away the pleasure. 

It seems a little short-sighted. Very few busy Londoners have time to traipse from place to place. We want to book, turn up and know that we're going to have a great evening - and that doesn't include balancing drinks, tapas and conversation while standing around a collection of handbags. 

Time to introduce an 'Outdoor concierge' perhaps?