As I impatiently wait for my Amazon order (it turned up 24 hours later than it said it would), this article in Forbes struck a chord. I am now one of those demanding people (probably always have been) who expects everything to happen immediately.

It then reminded me that 'what goes around, comes around' as we have enormous demands from clients on a daily basis. As the world speeds up, somehow there is less time for planning and so everything becomes urgent. 

What to do? Well apart from running off into the sunset to run a beach bar in some far-flung land, managing expectations is probably a good place to start. 

What annoyed me about my delayed Amazon order was that the tracking bar on the App told me it was 1mm away and would be delivered 'today'. It wasn't. If it had been honest and told me early in the day that it would be delayed, I would have been much calmer about it. Really, I would.

Right, time to have a word with a client or two....