Sweet campaign with amazing results and in total agreement about the concept of 'experiencing places like a local' but the thing that grabbed my attention was the research: 

 “We found that a lot of travellers find it off-putting to be a tourist. We also saw a lot of interest in people travelling alone and wanted to create a programme to cater to that,” explained Óskarsson.

Across various clients of ours, similar insights have been unveiled and there is certainly an undercurrent in travel that 'being seen as a tourist is bad' but is it really?

Whilst of course we all want to avoid the 'Brit Abroad' typology, there is a distinct difference between 'looking like a tourist and being one'. 

Words like personalisation, adventure, experience and experiential are everyday language but for many audiences the interpretation of these is entirely different. 

"Today the modern consumer consists of people of different ages and socio demographic groups sharing in popular culture: think grannies loving Breaking Bad."

These days the same tourist will take multiple trips and have varying experiences. Their intent and desire for experience may fluctuate from one to another, not because of their age or demographic but because of their interests, companions and most probably budget. 

So the same person who loved this Icelandair campaign might equally enjoy a spa retreat where they could be anywhere in the world but simply want to experience quality service and pampering galore.

In both instances they are tourists and for all our sakes, the more the better...