When Vogue informed readers that we were to take inspiration from 90s make-up trends which included 'amateurishly clumpy mascara, bare skin and scraped back hair', I thought we were in for an easy summer with minimal effort required. However, it went on to explain that it's all about the 'flawless complexion'. So for anyone over 12 years old, that is a whole world of effort. 

I would  argue that the flawless complexion has never gone out of fashion. I don't think I've ever seen the recommendation to stock up on Dairy Milk and Pringles to bring on the spots. Isn't glowing skin what it's been about since the powdery 1980s?

A simple fix for instant glow has to be Bobbi Brown's Tinted Moisturising Balm but if you're looking for inner beauty, we've just been introduced to Truvivity, a Nutricosmetic food supplement that works from within to improve the skin's appearance. Combining food and beauty has a certain appeal and the team at Lucre is underway with trials. So next time you see us, we should be glowing and also sporting fuller eyebrows - the other predicted trend for this summer. At least that's easy.