Apparently we should all now be eating acai berries to kick-start our day. The 'healthfast' is the latest trend, and no doubt one which is missed completely by those with a love of Pret's cheesy croissants or a bacon butty. 

I do wonder if these fads for superfoods really impact on anyone outside of a few central London boroughs. It's great that there is such a health-food focus in the media, but at £5.50 for a small pot at Deliciously Ella's Mae Deli, it's certainly not within reach of many.

Nevertheless, there are now private breakfast clubs popping up all over London, so it seems that the humble breakfast (of course the most important meal of the day), is becoming a trend.

It will be interesting to see how the sales of Acai berries fare. When my sister, who is a busy mum of two in Stockport, offers Acai berries for breakfast when I next visit, I'll know it's really found its place on the menu.