It's known as a 'soft' topic but reputation is everything to brands. A recent report cites:

“For those with excellent reputations, 76% of consumers say they would definitely buy their products, compared with just 4% of consumers who would do the same for companies with poor reputations.”

For some companies, their history is inextricably linked with issues. But it’s never too late to start to lay foundations for a better future. It’s not an overnight process and sometimes it takes years to start changing perceptions, but it’s essential. For Amway we introduced Britain’s Top Real Role Model concept looking for entrepreneurs in the UK who are doing excellent work and the whole ethos of the direct-selling company is now based around entrepreneurship. They focus on it at every level of their business; to use a hackneyed phrase ‘they walk the walk’.

It takes vision and buy-in from the top but as business becomes increasingly transparent, it’s not an option. It’s essential.