So this is the year that we're all going to be experiencing Virtual Reality.

With the likes of Samsung, Facebook, Nokia, and Google supporting this technology, it’s apparently set to stay. 

It certainly throws up some interesting challenges for our industry. Immersive experiences are very effective (if done well) and will make far more of an impact than simply glancing at a quick tweet or magazine article. But how do we incorporate it properly into our campaigns?

Well the first thing is to make sure that any technology is essential to the story we’re telling. It’s not just a stunt for stunt’s sake. It would be too easy, were it not so expensive, to get carried away and think that it could be the answer to all our needs. From showing potential visitors around our travel clients’ destinations, to going on a tour around the Mariinsk distillery where the sublime Beluga vodka originates. But will that really improve the experience of drinking this luxury vodka? Maybe we’d rather enjoy the real-world experience of relaxing in the palatial surroundings of Brown’s and conversation with those around us?

Mind you, if I don’t have time to get there, perhaps a glass of Beluga and a pair of VR glasses might just be the next best thing.