If you're single and looking for love then you might want to listen to your tastebuds if you're going to find the perfect partner.

Well, there’s an opening line. This is one of the column inches from Knorr’s Love at First Taste film that so far has beautifully brought the brand to digital screens of 36,314,702 users and no doubt it’s set to continue.

The proposition is simple. There is an undeniable link between food and pleasure. In this case the twist is seeing if it’s possible to find a perfect partner by matching taste profiles. Having worked on Green & Black’s ‘Search for a Taste Apprentice’ a few years ago, I know there is masses of mileage in taste and flavour profiles, and this is a lovely adaptation.

They did it properly: yes, there’s the age-old PR ‘survey’, but this time it talks to 12,000 people globally; they have a taste expert; the team commissioned to create the film, had enjoyed Cannes Lions success for a previous film (The Kiss); the production quality was high and throughout, the food was centre stage. Plus (importantly) there was not masses of overt branding. With finger licking and kissing, it’s also quite brave and provocative, as stock cube activity goes. How refreshing.

It is schmaltzy – no question. But appealing to emotion is how to stop people in their tracks. It’s why we share. We want to be moved. There is enough content to feed journalists’ requirements, so the nationals were happy to put in a quote from a Unilever representative citing their brand proposition. A win-win.

It’s lovely to see all the right ingredients in the mix and I hope it’s going to play out across all channels include instore so that they see the uplift in sales. It will have been a hefty investment, but I have a feeling it will pay off.

And just in case you want to join in, below is the link to check out your flavour profile. Apparently I’m a Salty Adventurer… just in case you were wondering.